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Viking Appliance Repair in Santa Clara

When your fridge, washer, dryer, stove, oven, microwave, ice machine, or other equipment breaks down, what should you do? When your appliance stops operating or isn't working properly, we at Viking Appliance Repair are here to help. When something like this happens, you pick up the phone and dial our number, and one of our professionals will assist you in getting through this difficult situation. We pride ourselves on our ability to help you get your appliance back up and running again! When something goes wrong with your appliance, you want the best technicians available to assist you. By calling us, you'll be connected to the best technicians in the business, and we're so confident in our ability to help you that we'll give you a one-year warranty on all repairs!

What Can Go Wrong with Your Refrigerator or Freezer:

When do you know it's time to call? What sort of things can go wrong with your appliance? Look over the following troubleshooting elements to see whether they indicate when you should call us:

  • Ice maker not working
  • Freezer frosting over or leaking
  • Refrigerator leaking
  • Error messages
  • Strange noises
  • Standing water in your dishwasher
  • Washer not draining

...and many more problems that aren't mentioned here. A working refrigerator and freezer is one of the most important things you can have in your home, and when something does go wrong it can be a stressful time. Don’t stress about your decision to call us, a call to Viking Appliance Repair is never the wrong move

Washer and Dryer Troubleshooting

Most of us have a washer or drying in our home. You normally know if it’s working properly or not, but sometimes it isn’t as obvious. Some common issues include:

  • Error codes
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Clothes that aren't completely dry
  • Shaking
  • Odd noises
  • Washer won't drain
  • Cycles won't finish
  • …and much more

If you’re seeing one or more of the problems mentioned above or even if you aren’t sure, just pick up the phone and call us at Viking Appliance Repair today to book your at-home repair!

Dishwasher Troubleshooting.

A dishwasher is definitely one of those appliances that once you get it, you wonder how you ever lived without it! When something happens with your dishwasher, however, you can feel lost. See this list for some common issues on errors you may get on your dishwasher:

  • Dishes that don't get washed
  • Soap isn't dispensing
  • dishes aren't drying
  • strange noises
  • Not turning on
  • Water leaking
  • Standing water at the bottom of your machine
  • …and much more

When any of these things or even some not listed happen, don’t worry! Call us today to schedule a consultation with a professional Viking Appliance Repair technician and we will be right over to help you get back to using your dishwasher again!

Ice Maker

Some ice makers live in our refrigerator or freezer, but there are also ice makers that are an appliance unto themselves. If you have either type, you might have some problems such as:

  • Ice not fully solid
  • Strange noises
  • Ice not dispensing properly
  • Leaking
  • …and much more

If you notice any of these or other issues with your ice maker, give us a call! We at Viking Appliance Repair are here for you and will help put your mind at ease as quickly as possible! Ice cold drinks are definitely in your future!


Freezers are most often a part of your Refrigerator unit, but we also see some issues with the large chest freezers or upright freezers. The most common problems we see with these types of freezers are:

  • Not freezing properly
  • Too much frost on everything
  • Not properly sealing
  • Strange smells
  • Leaking
  • Standing water/thawing
  • …and much more

When any of these things happen, it can really stress you out. But instead of getting stressed, give us a call at Viking Appliance Repair and we will help you right away!

Oven Range and Cooktop

Most of us have a cooktop, oven, stove, or range and with anything else in life, any of these elements can go wrong on a machine. When something like that happens, we know it can be scary, but don’t worry. See the common list of errors below and let us know if any of those sound like something that’s going wrong with yours

For an Electric Range and Cooktop:

  • Uneven cooking temperatures
  • Problems with your control panels
  • Burners that aren't operating
  • Issues with interior lighting
  • ….and more

For a Gas Range and Cooktop:

  • Ignition errors
  • Failure of the pilot light
  • Burners that don't work
  • Vent that doesn't function
  • ….and more

It can be frightening when something like the above, or anything else, prevents you from using your range or cooktop the way it was designed to be used. Don’t worry, though! Call us right away to arrange an appointment with a knowledgeable Viking Appliance Repair professional!

Don’t Hesitate to Call Us

When something goes wrong with your appliance, you need someone you can trust to protect your appliance investment and provide you with the best, highest-quality replacement components. Although there are other options available, only Viking Appliance Repair in Santa Clara can meet these high standards. Simply call us at (408) 560-4503 and tell us what's wrong with your appliance, and we'll take care of it right away.

This is where we can help. Simply phone us at Viking Appliance Repair and tell us which appliance is causing you problems and what's been going on with it, and we'll take care of it right away. We can walk you through some questions once you've called to ensure that we're as prepared as possible! One of our highly trained and skilled technicians would be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have once you call. To book an appointment with one of our highly qualified service specialists, call as soon as possible. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start to work on putting your appliance back in working order!